The End of Imbalance and the Renewal of Justice

The End of Imbalance and the Renewal of Justice

Daily Tarot Pull: XIII Death + XI Justice

Nov 8th, 2022

7:42 am

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Some of you may remember my early writing on Instagram under the handle astral.ids. Back then (2018) I was posting #dailydivination using the Astro Dice. This time, I’m simply aiming to write and publish something each day that I believe will be of value to you in your quest for embodied empowerment and grounded growth.

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Enough preamble – without further ado!

Two-Card Divination 11.8.22

XIII Death + XI Justice

Well, both of these cards can feel pretty heavy, and they point to some vital and often confused principles. Let’s break it down and see what invitations for grounded growth the cards are presenting us with today.

As an astrologer, I always check for astrological correspondences first. After 3 years of pulling and investigating cards daily I've learned that sometimes the cards show up in quite literal and mundane ways. This particular deck is the Flux Arcana Tarot - created by Micah Ulrich. After over a year of working with the cards daily we've developed our own language. Or at least learned a work-able middle ground for each of us.

The Flux Arcana Tarot shows Justice as trump eleven, so I know they speak RWS (aka Raider, Waite, and Coleman-Smith's tarot deck - and language in this metaphor...). I’m an astrologer, and astrology is loan language for the Tarot.

Not so surprising then that I often draw card for the day that point to the day's astrology. Or, put another way: that my cards speak to me through/with/in astrology.

Card and Astrology Correspondence

Death is the card which is associated with Scorpio. Oh, hey – that’s where the Sun is. Right there with the South Node. Which is why we’re having an eclipse. A Total Lunar Eclipse with the Sun in Scorpio and the Death card arises? Oh how literal. Thank you, cards!

Now, what about Justice? Justice is the card associated with Libra. The House of Libra (aka Venus's Tea Room; aka Libra) is not currently hosting any guests.

But, if we expand the correspondence view-field a bit, we can think about the airy triplicity (that is all the Air signs - Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra together). We can also think about the fact that Saturn is exalted in Libra, and that Venus rules the sign too. Lo and behold, both Venus and Saturn are configured to this eclipse. Venus is still conjoined the Sun, while Saturn squares the eclipse.

We could easily stop there and call it a lesson in astro-tarot correspondence. But I can't help but notice that two keywords for these cards - transformation and justice, respectively - point to a very relevant mundane (or worldly) consideration: transformative justice.

Mundane Connections

Today is election day in the US of A. Many types of justice hang in the balance. How literal, cards! And literally uncomfortable.

It's already election-day, so I won't pontificate but just put these words/energy out there as a prayer of sorts:

May folks with the ability to vote leverage that tool for all that it’s worth to the best of their ability in alignment with their conscience. May their conscience and heart be aligned with a transformative vision of justice that honors healing and liberation of all beings including that of Mother Earth.

May the transformation promised by the Death card be for the benefit of all beings.

Here’s what I hope you get out today’s post:

Tarot Lesson:

Sometimes the cards are super literal, and the way they’re literal depends on you! Are you an astrologer? Maybe they’re pointing to the key transits, or a planetary energy that’s available (or demanding) to be worked with. A musician? Maybe they're pointing to genres, scales, albums, or songs!

Tarot Homework:

Ask yourself the following and consider the answer of the following day, week, fortnight, or however long you want!

What languages do you speak besides the one you use for daily conversation (e.g., astrology, tarot, music, art, geology, plants, etc.)? How might the cards be attempting to speak that language back to you?

Astrology Lesson:

Saturn is exalted in Libra. Venus rules Libra. A lunar eclipse always occurs on a full moon, with the Sun and Moon opposite one another.

Question of the Day:

What does transformative justice mean to you? What do you know about transformative justice?

Challenge of the Day:

Commit yourself to an act that transforms your relationship with justice. Think small. Think practical.

If you’re in the U.S. and you can, but you haven’t yet, and it’s not a violation of your religious beliefs or core values – get out and vote. It’s not the whole answer by any means, but it’s a step. A tool. A part of the so-called “legal system.”

If you’re in a position to think bigger; to consider the long-term; to think systemically and act in that local/global way – then commit yourself to actions whose impacts operate on those levels too.

As always, I hope these words find and serve you well.

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Until tomorrow, friends.

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