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Too Much Alliteration

And Other Verbal Vices Call it a verbal vice, persistent

You're Strong Enough to Do Scary Things

Both fear and danger have a few things in common: they typically cause our nerve to waver and our inner monologue to say "oh hell no, I'm not doing that!"

[from the archives:] 5/20/21

Could I “conquer my fear of heights”? It turns out the answer to that last question is no. But what I’ve learned about fear, fright, danger, the nervous system, and the power of our thinking has been invaluable to my understanding of the world. And yes, to my astrological practice, too.

On Swords, S'words, and the Magical Word: Synchronicity

I'm going to face my fear of being ridiculed for saying this, but: I "believe" in Synchronicity. In fact, I'd go so far as to describe synchronicity as a core value and and even a spiritual discipline.

Meet Me in the Garden: Venus's Earthly Realm of Pleasure

In the secret garden of Venus, measurements matter only insofar as they create Good Things. Like: ease, respite, delight. Those are Venusian priorities. And they're not conceptual ideals or mental models like they are in Libra. In Taurus, Venus's priorities are practical, pragmatic, and political.

Striving for Strategy with the Decisive Part(s) of Ourselves

The mind is a double-edged sword. A useful but dangerous tool to the world around us, and just as deadly for ourselves. It gets us into lots of trouble. One of the trickiest ways the mind cuts both ways (to our detriment) takes the form of Doubt.

The End of Imbalance and the Renewal of Justice

Sometimes the cards are super literal, and the way they’re literal depends on you! Are you an astrologer? Maybe they’re pointing to the key transits, or a planetary energy that’s available (or demanding) to be worked with. A musician? Maybe they're pointing to genres, scales, albums, or songs!