You're Strong Enough to Do Scary Things

You're Strong Enough to Do Scary Things

You're Strong Enough to Do Scary Things

Today I realized that I don't have to write 500 - x number of words in order to share something useful with you.

Keenan Thompson doing his bit as the host of SNL's Black Jeopardy skit.
That's it, Bear. Look y'all, Bear's learning!

So, I'm going to do something a little bit scary, for me. Write as little as possible here on just one idea:

You're strong enough to do scary things. You're smart enough to see danger when it's there. You're wise enough to discern the differences - and to act on them.

Funny friend, Fear!

I keep talking a lot about fear here. And, looking through all posts as I work on migrating and expanding old content - I realize I talk about fear a lot.

About naming it. Facing it. Embracing it, even. Yesterday, I republished a post from my Patreon. In it, I talk about Jupiter in Pisces, but mostly, I talk about rock climbing, and how I learned from attempting to overcome my fear of heights that you don't actually "conquer" the fear.

You learn to listen to it, first.
Then you learn to work with it.
Then you learn to trust it.

After that, you seek out Fear's counsel.

Just like anger is an indication that one or more of our needs are not being met, and an invitation to uphold our boundaries, fear is an indication that something precious to us is vulnerable in that moment. It's an invitation to consider what we're (potentially) exposing to risk of loss.

That's different than danger though. Danger is an indication that injury is imminent. It's an invitation to gtf-outta that situation.

Fear will tell you the difference. When you're feeling scared, ask Fear to help you do a status check. Are your hands sweaty? Breathing shallow or rapid? In my experience, fear will tell us stories. Will give us details.

3 of the 4 Golden Girls laughing on a couch together.
The Golden Girls aren't scary though. But they do spill the deets!

Danger though? Not very locquacious that one. If you ask questions, they'll just floor you with adrenaline and make you run, if you won't do it yourself.

Both fear and danger have a few things in common: they typically cause our nerve to waver and our inner monologue to say "oh hell no, I'm not doing that!"

That similarity can make it difficult to distinguish between the two sometimes.

Dear reader, you're smart enough to recognize danger. And you're skilled enough to discern the difference.

Tangible Takeaway

What I Hope You'll Take from this Post

Switchin' it up kids. You get a... cuplet and an affirmation today!

found fear? face it, friend.
danger appear? don't dawdle - duck outta there!

An affirmation:

I'm strong enough to do scary things.
I'm skilled enough to sense danger.
I'm wise enough to discern the difference,
and to make my actions matter.

Or, if you're a big Buffy nerd, you could try adopting the Slayer's:

"I'm the thing that monsters have nightmares about."

Either way, you got this. I believe in you.

As always, I hope these words find and serve you well.

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Until tomorrow, friends.

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