Announcement: Daily Embodied Empowerment Challenge

Announcement: Daily Embodied Empowerment Challenge

I started a new practice today. And I'm inviting you to join.

Yes, I'm starting a new practice – on the day of an eclipse.

You may have heard about it? Something about a Full Moon in Taurus Eclipse Mercury Cazimi oh my god it's gonna be so intense (run screaming off into the hills)!!! Maybe? Maybe not.

Why start something on an eclipse you might ask?

It's in keeping with the way I began my professional astrology practice. Believe it or not dear reader, I started out this current iteration of my astrology practice after a series of years setting major New Moon Intentions(TM) with the Scorpio lunations.
I made the commitment to my ancestors, the stars, and myself to share star-wisdom under a Leo Solar Eclipse!

If you’re a serious student of traditional astrology, you’ve likely gasped.
Don't worry - that was before my Hellenistic and Election studies and certifications!
If you’re a more of an Luna-lover, focused on the Moon in the sky and honoring observable cycles of waning and waxing, you’re probably wondering why Scorpio was the particular sign I chose, and why traditional astrologers would gasp.
The former will remain a man-witch's secret, while the latter has to do with essential dignity. But that's an article for another page.

Eclipses are sometimes said to be times of great beginnings and great endings. eclipses - as I've said in a couple of lectures and podcasts - are times of wild instability. Not necessarily good or bad, just consequential in a big ripple-small pond sort of way. Like the words to that one song goes, "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

Here's to new beginnings!

Like the new practice I started today. Or, reNEWed practice if you will. I'm returning to daily posts!

It's a personal challenge for embodied empowerment and grounded growth.

And you're invited to follow or join along.

I'll be posting daily on this blog. Or at least, committing myself to the process of working back there in a public and transparent fashion that I hope will serve to inspire or otherwise assist you (yes YOU) dear reader, in your very own quest to get back to BASICS; to tune in to your synchronicity frequency; and to experience embodied empowerment and grounded growth.

Why should you care about my daily writing or my personal challenge?

Because facing our fears is hard. Things like imposter syndrome, fear of not being good enough, doubting the impact or significance of our actions. They're like bosses in a fight-the-baddies video game – so much easier when you have a guide or companion.

I'll be facing my fears while I undertake this challenge.
It's something I've done successfully before when I turned my fear of heights into a passion for rock climbing as a astro-magical offering to / working with Mars. This time its the Imp, Oster Syndrome. And all around boss-blocker Ryder Splock. (Say it real fast.) Let's not forget the disorder that most personifies 'Guy on the Couch' if he were a millennial's housemate: adult ADHD!

My goal, in sharing my process and my writing, is to provide a little inspiration, humor, and companionship for you as you navigate your life's path.

You'll mostly find me speaking the language of the stars, a fair bit about (tarot) cards, and I'll also share tips, tricks, and insights that make challenging things seem like a cinch (aka "hacks").

If my impact is as I intend it, this project could grow into a community space where you, me, WE support one another in living our values in actions. We'll all just have to wait and see what happens, and who joins.

So, here’s to setting intentions when the moment feels right. To striking while the iron is hot. Anonymous internet accountability buddies. Digital pen-pal body doubles. Synchronicity signal-boosters. Finding the ones who speak your language and who mirror back the wisest, kindest, and healthiest parts of yourself. To following your guiding star. Seizing your sovereignty and living in integrity with your spiritual purpose. Acting with courage. And being a steward of the future you want to see.

...or aspiring toward those lofty ambitions, imperfectly, one day at a time.

I hope you'll join me.

You can read the first post here.

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