(August 2022) New Season, New Site

(August 2022) New Season, New Site

New Season, New Site

psycheandsoulastrology.com becomes bearryver.com and Bear Ryver finds a new digital home

A Long Overdue Update

It's been a few months of (un-successfully) attempting to revive psycheandsoulastrology.com. For many reasons that (clearly) hasn't happened, and for many others it's probably best that it didn't. And that it won't.

The words technical difficulties appear in white on a black box over the yellow, cyan, green, magenta, red, and violet color bars which used to be seen at the very end of tapes or when live broadcasts experienced technical difficulties.
Technical difficultires

Psyche & Soul Astrology the website is no longer with us. Sad. I know.

Its short life (2018 - 2022) will not be forgotten, and its death will not be in vain. Though Psyche & Soul Astrology is still the name of my practice as a business, you won't need to type that into the internet anymore.

Bear Like the Animal, Ryver Like the Water... with a 'Y'

It's been even longer - nearly two years?!? - of waiting to launch this website, bearryver.com.

Ngl, my inability to fix the old site meant that I lowkey had to make decision to launch bearryver.com sooner rather than 'when I can find a better election.'  

When I started Psyche & Soul Astrology... y'all, I didn't even know about electional astrology!

Having the whole damn thing just broken also prompted me to leave wordpress.

Bearryver.com is very much under construction, and it's also on a new-to-me webhosting platform. I think that it's going to make everyone's experience a lot easier, prettier (eventually), and most importantly - more sustainable.

A person in a bright orange safety vest and hard hat dancing in front of a crew of construction workers at a job site with cranes visible in the background.
Man at work? Well, website definitely under construction.

One Name to Rule Them All

As of today you can now reach me anywhere I can be reached with my just my name.

Instagram? @bearryver

No dots, no extra symbols or whatever. BEWARE OF InstaScam(mers) though! I never have and never will slide into your dm's to ask you to book a session. Tbh, I barely use Instagram.

Though... if you've wanted to know what going on with astral.ids and the hat-making project, you may want to at least follow me over there.

Twitter? @bearryver

I'm actually "on there", though increasingly less these days. I'm focusing my attention on what type of space or container I can sustainably maintain; for whom, and for what purpose/benefit to the community.

If you want to send a one-time tip or donation to support my work via Venmo or Paypal... you guessed it - @bearryver.

If you'd like to make an ongoing monthly donation to support my work, as well as my ability to continue offering sliding-scale sessions, you can find me on Patreon too - @bearryver

You can now reach me via email with bearryver@gmail.com. Which, for now, is a delightfully empty inbox. I am, it should be noted, currently in a practice of slow correspondence. Though I gratefully and gleefully look forward to continuing to receive messages from you.

ISAR Conference 2022

In addition to launching this new site today, I'm also traveling to Colorado (for the very first time) to speak at the International Society for Astrological Research's (ISAR) 2022 Conference.

The talk, called Making Mythologies: Specters of Psyche & Soul, is a look a myth-making, the spiritual dimensions of Jupiter, Neptune, their synodic cycles, and the history made under them.

As always, Patrons will get access to the talk when I get the all clear to sell digital recordings. Hermes-willing (friend to humans in need, indeed!), I'll have sorted out how to get the webstore up by that point too.

After this conference I'm going to be shifting into focusing most of my writing around the very long process of researching what I've been thinking of as the "bipoc Cosmos & Psyche."

I tweeted about it back in 2020. Maybe I'll take the time to find that tweet one day. I've been thinking about the project since sometime between 2012 and 2018. Now that I've done the work for this week's conference, I think I'm ready to begin.

There's much to say and do, but right now it's near midnight and I've got an 18-hour drive ahead of me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for your support and energy. As always, I hope these words find you well.