Wrapping Up February

Hey there Sun Siblings!

Just writing to let you know that the posts for week #8 are finally complete. And we're on our way to resuming our regularly scheduled programming with releases switched up for Wednesdays (probably in the evening) for the week ahead.

Also want to say a huge thank you and welcome to all of the new members who've joined over the last couple of weeks! We're over 400 members strong and counting. And we've nearly found that 50th paid member.

Every single membership, free or premium is a huge gift and goes such a long way to making the work of creating queer, intersectional, and indigenous astrological work sustainable.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Week #8's Issue Includes:

Catch Skyvibe Serial here:

Skyvibe Serial 2023: Week #8 - February 19th - 25th
On the whole, this week is one that’s about thinking and speaking clearly about the things we need in order to heal: things that need to change, ways we need to innovate where old ways of doing things are no longer kind or compassionate to carry on – for us, or others.

Betterthans & B-Sides:

Betterthans & B-Sides 2023: Week #8
B-Sides #19 & 20, plus Betterthans for each day of the week.

Fortnightly Lunacy: Pisces New Moon edition

Fortnightly Lunacy 2023: Pisces New Moon
Phase Change and the Pisces New Moon.

Still in effect!

And catch up on last week's Sun/Saturn cazimi, if you haven't read it already:

Sun in the Heart of Saturn’s Darkness
The Sun joins the heart of Saturn’s darkness.

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Bear Ryver is a professional astrologer helping his clients hone strategies for grounded growth and embodied empowerment by bringing them back to the BASICS. Winner of OPA’s Most Promising Astrologer in 2018, Bear has lectured at conferences like NORWAC and ISAR. He holds certifications in Hellenistic, Electional, and Horary astrology, and specializes in Intersectional Astrology. He was a teacher for the Portland School of Astrology, and has volunteered as a mentor for AFAN. When he’s not talking stars, or pulling cards, you can find him climbing rocks and playing guitar.