Skyvibe Serial: Week #4

Skyvibe Serial: Week #4

Skyvibe Serial #4

Forecast for the week of January 22nd - 28th, 2023

Encores and Exaltations

The 4th week of the 2023 gives us the combination of fuel, fire, and traction to really start to get going. With Mercury picking up speed and Mars spending a final few days making a show of taking a stand, defending their position and all that pomp & circumstance there's a feeling of mounting tension that reminds me of waiting for a band to come out for an encore.

Everyone in the room knows the the encore is sort of expected but there's still a whole ritual that has to be done. In that moment the audience exalts the band, and hopes for a song to top all the other songs; the band is supposed to exalt the audience – their fans, the ones who make it possible, who gave the energy to make the performance into a magical show.

It doesn't always go that way though.

There were conversations left unsaid. Hatchets buried with something other than forgiving and forgetting in mind. Pins left places that need tending to, lest things begin to fester.

This final full week of January presents us with ample opportunity to address those things, if we choose to.

The Good

Venus moves in Pisces and pleasure is exalted. Saturn enters their own term of Aquarius and for a couple of days only we have Saturn rising in the day in the their term and domicile in sight of both benefics.

If you need to call on grit and patience in order to prioritize the containers, foundation, and boundaries that facilitate your relational long-game, this is the week to do it.

The Meh

Jupiter in Aries, making the overcoming sextile to Mars, seems to be fanning the flames in some rather tumultuous ways. From road rage and spectacularly reckless driving (or is that just the drivers in my immediate vicinity?), to friction and fighting.

Jupiter in Aries can tend to fuck around as a learning strategy knowing that finding out is sure to come. And Mars in Gemini, now no longer retrograde but still unmoving, is standing their ground ready to speak the fighting words.

Mercury hasn't yet entered Aquarius – by then, the silver tongues just might come unsheathed. Until then, consider what risks  – should things go as poorly as possible, are you willing to take?

The Oh Fuck Me*:

The Moon visits two of the four fixed sign inside half the week, and each is a key part of the lunation.

In other words, the Aquarius New Moon blossoms into a Taurus first quarter square by the end of the week, so our emotional landscape is likely to feel heavy on the front end of the week and strong need for release by the end of the week.

*please note: "oh fuck me" is my way of subverting the normalization of conventional beauty standards; I'm not at all suggesting these outcomes are guaranteed, or that everyone is going to experience these undesirable manifestation. Rather, that in the RPG of life, these would be the chaotic evil playthrough of the same energies described by the good and the meh.

Week in (wal)Nut Shell

pardon the pun

Week in (wal)Nut Shell:

A couple of things that I really like about this week, which is admitedly a bit subtle, is that Saturn and Jupiter will be operating in parts of the zodiac where they both have triplicity, and each is in their own terms.

Sunday: solidifying values
Monday: digesting relational limits
Tuesday: clean and clear
Wednesday: pen and sword
Thursday: pleasure principle
Friday: batteries zapped

Day by Day

Sunday the 22nd

Venus and Saturn coming together in Aquarius is a tough combination, Saturn benefits from the moderating temperance of Venus, but Venus struggles with the cold and stark limits of Saturn. On the one hand, this conjunction sets us up for the potential of solidifying our values and relationships, and investing in the infrastructure of our comfort(s) and pleasure(s).

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PST):

00:01 am -  Moon at 8° Aquarius trine Mars at 8° Gemini
01:06 am -
Moon parallel Pluto
05:45 am -
the Moon at 12° Aquarius sextile Chiron at 12° Aries

The Moon waxing into the grip of Mars on the degree of the station is a tense way to enter into the week. The conflict at the heart, or arising as a result, of the rebuilding, revising, or returning to the scene of the crime.

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PST):

09:48 am - Moon at 14° Aquarius square Uranus at 14° Taurus
11:05 am -
Moon parallel Mercury
2:12 pm - Venus conjunct Saturn at 24° Aquarius
2:58 pm -
Uranus station direct

The station of Uranus is like static electricity discharging with a zap. The Moon's square in the morning only serves to emphasize it. Consider this the final sweeping gust of wind with respect to the Saturn-Uranus square all configured to the eclipses. The Aquarius New Moon heralded in the exit exam.

This week's Moon in Taurus square Sun in Aquarius ask us to reconcile the tension between our bodily desires for comfort, pleasure, ease, food, the erotic – all good things – against the desire to measure the long-term implications of the impact of the the actions necessary to fulfill/satiate those desires – a good thing, too.

Uranus stationing direct may not provide answers, but they ensure that the questions get posed.

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PST):

5:25 pm - Moon parallel Sun

The Sun Surmises:

Now that Uranus has stationed direct all the planets are facing forward. By the end of the week, when the Moon meets up with the North Node, Uranus, and squares the Sun (in no particular order) we can expect the the increased friction to translate in traction.

Monday the 23rd

A heavy day. Sober as a reality check is harsh.

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PST):

01:24 am - Moon conjunct Saturn at 24° Aquarius
02:18 am -
Moon conjunct Venus at 25° Aquarius

While many of the folks who read this series will be asleep, these conjunctions are likely to mark the day.

Think of this like the Moon quickly coming in to digest the Venus / Saturn conjunction moment that emerged yesterday. The Moon materializes it.

How is the dry airy rationality of Aquarius helping you to discern what boundaries are necessary to preserve the things you identified as precious in during the two times Venus was in Capricorn?

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PST):

9:00 am - Moon contra-parallel Uranus
9:35 am -
Moon enters Pisces
10:22 am -
Venus parallel Saturn
12:01 pm -
Vesta conjunct Neptune 23° Pisces
3:30 pm -
Moon parallel Saturn
3:52 pm -
Moon parallel Venus

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PST):

11:42 pm - Moon at 8° Pisces square Mars at 8° Gemini

Pardon the poor resolution, that was taken on a 2009 smartphone.

The Moon's continued aspects to Mars in Gemini help us to digest the fire and frustration from all angles. Just like with spicy food, it's often a good idea to pair heat with something cooling. Take that as you will...

Monday's More or Less:

If Mars in Gemini is a the sharp s'word (s'poken 'word, get it... the sword and the pen), then we ought to consider the difference between a sharp sword and a dull one.

A sharp blade can make skillful surgeon cuts that heal neatly and restore health.

On Swords, S’words, and the Magical Word: Synchroncity
I’m going to face my fear of being ridiculed for saying this, but: I “believe” in Synchronicity. In fact, I’d go so far as to describe synchronicity as a core value and and even a spiritual discipline.

I think here the tongue as a sharp blade is one that's explicit and sharp (read: precise). Nothing extra for flourish and driving the point home. Nothing left out for dramatic emphasis.

Don't twist the knife.

Tuesday the 24th

Overall, most of the day is quiet, classical planet traditional aspect -wise.

Whether the communication is taking place internally, factoring in what we've heard or learned based on our brave actions at the end of the retrogrades, or externally with an important other – we've got to figure out what it is we're really saying.

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PST):

01:58 am - Moon at 10° Pisces sextile Mercury at 10° Capricorn

Keep that dream journal handy for the morning.

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PST):

09:34 am - Moon at 14° Pisces sextile Hygeia at 14° Capricorn
09:42 am -
Moon at 14° Pisces sextile Uranus at 14° Taurus
2:47 pm -
Hygeia at 14° Taurus trine Uranus 14° Taurus

There are no classical aspects among traditional planets. On the hand, the morning is marked by the Moon at the mid-point between Uranus and Hygiea.

If we read Hygeia as cleansing, ritual purification, and energetic protection/cleansing/shielding (aka "hygiene), then it seem like this afternoon is poised to present us with opportunities to understand and work with the relationship between cleansing and clarity.

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PST):

4:38 pm - Moon parallel Vesta
5:30 pm -
Sun at 4° Aquarius sextile Jupiter at 4° Aries
9:37 pm -
Moon contra-parallel Chiron
11:42 pm -
Moon at 23° Pisces conjunct Neptune at 23° Pisces

The combination of the Sun's sextile to Jupiter and the Moon's conjunction to Neptune feels like the radiation vs. reflection, waking day dream vs. the kind you have at sleep or, ya know – diurnal vs. nocturnal versions of the same signature. Lighting up some quality of dreaming.

In the evening, try leaning into the waking day dream sense of the word, visioning, braningstorming and peering into the future with those types of visionary means. By night, ask the Moon, and Dream, and Sleep to give you guiding dreams to help you achieve that other kind of dream(s).

This is a good night to go to bed with a dream journal beside you.

Tuesday's TL;DR:

  • What do you need to clear up in order to feel at peace about the conversations you've been having?
  • How do you cleanse yourself energetically? Spiritually? Emotionally? Psychically? Physically?
  • What kind of neat and tidy solution are you looking for?
  • Do you need to come clean about anything?

You don't have to do anything with this information or write it down anywhere or anything, but it might be useful to consider.

Wednesday the 25th

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PST):

00:43 am - Moon conjunct Vesta at 24° Pisces
07:51 am -
Moon parallel Neptune

There are no classical aspects among traditional planets. Still.

The Moon's conjunction to Vesta is a subtle influence likely only to be felt by those trying to notice, or with this strongly configured to their chart. It either or both happen to be the case, I consider Jenn Zahrt's keyword: "focus!" And the notion of the relationship between freedom and agency.

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PST):

08:11 am - Moon 28° Pisces sextile Pluto 28° Capricorn
10:47 am -
Moon enters Aries

There are no classical aspects among traditional planets. I think of the Moon - Pluto aspects as a quick and low-level power surge. The signs and type of aspect vary the intensity and duration of the transiting aspect determine the same for our experience down here.

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PST):

6:15 pm - Moon contra-parallel Jupiter
7:17 pm -
Moon conjunct Jupiter at 4° Aries
8:58 pm -
Moon at 4° Aries sextile Sun at 4° Aries

Vettius Valens says, "the first 6° of Aries belong to Jupiter: temperate, robust, prolific, beneficent." Like a whole lot of Mar. Or one spicy Jupiter. Though the aspect isn't exact, this combination of Sun, Moon, and Jupiter isn't all that far away from picking up Mars.

Wednesday takes last Saturday's Aquarius New Moon and begins to shed light on exactly what it is we're bringing forth.

Mercury Might Say:

Is the pen mightier than the sword?

That depends on whether you want to make amends / reconcile, or to cut cords to leave the ties that bind behind.


This is an odd day I think, on account of the Moon's early morning aspects when compared to Venus moving into Pisces.

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PST):

00:52 am - Moon parallel Jupiter
02:39 am -
Moon at 8° Aries sextile Mars at 8° Gemini
07:07 am -
Moon at 11° square Mercury 11° Capricorn

If Mars in Gemini is fighting words, and the Moon in Aries is hot headed, fired up, and ready to fuck around and find out. Then this morning could find you just saying the damn thing. Particularly with the Moon's square to Mercury.

The question is singular, though it has a few forms:

  • are you mincing words?
  • using incisive observations and strategically chosen words with a surgeon's care?
    and if the answer is yes, to what end?
  • are you being fearlessly forthright?
  • recklessly rude?
  • rushed and rash?
  • playing war with your relationships?
  • posting buzzwords like badges of honor?

I think you get the idea.

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PST):

08:16 am - Moon conjunct Chiron at 12° Aries
11:23 am -
Moon contra-parallel Neptune
2:02 pm -
Moon  at 15° Aries square Hygeia 15° Capricorn

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PST):

6:32 pm - Venus enters Pisces
10:19 pm -
Moon parallel Chiron

There are no classical aspects among traditional planets. But Venus entering Pisces is a big deal none the less. This is the last time we'll get to have a Saturn-free experience of Venus in Pisces for a few years, so soak it up.

I'll talk more about this later in the week.

Just Jot this for Jupiter's Day:

Skillful speech is one of the steps of the eightfold path that can be challenging to get right. The many stories of the Buddha are full of instances where the Buddha remained silent rather than let a truthful answer cause unnecessary suffering.

Telling the truth skillfully doesn't mean that no feelings get hurt. And using the truth as cover for getting in our licks isn't skillful, just like cynicism isn't wisdom.

The combination of Moon's connections to Mars, Mercury, and Chiron suggests that it's likely that our words and wounds might get activated. Then Venus moves into Pisces...


With Venus in Pisces, for the next few weeks it's all about the Pleasure Principle.

If you're up at sunrise, and feel so inclined, this is a good morning for getting in touch with Venus.

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PST):

01:50 am - Moon contra-parallel Vesta
02:42 am -
Mercury 12° square Chiron at 12° Aries
07:12 am -
Moon at 25° Aries sextile Saturn at 25° Aquarius

If you asked for healing dreams the night before, and you've been keeping a dream journal (or even just a practice of noticing your dreams upon waking), then you may find that you get a bit on healing information between waking sessions.

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PST):

1:00 pm - Moon at 28° Aries square Pluto at 28° Capricorn
2:56 pm -
Hygeia parallel Pluto
3:42 pm -
Moon enters Taurus

There are no classical aspects among traditional planets. Still the Moon's square to Pluto is a bit like a jolt of energy.

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PST):

5:55 pm - Moon  1° Taurus sextile Venus 1° Pisces
10:51 pm - Moon contra-parallel Venus

This is a really great Moon aspect. Make the most of it. By what Venusian means to do you most enjoy feeding, nourishing, caring for, and tending to your body as a vessel?

Venus Votes:

Have fun. Live a little. Lean into what gives you pleasure. Read Audre Lorde's Uses of the Erotic as Power. Read a chapter from adrienne maree brown's Pleasure Activism.

Do something that makes you marvel at how special it is that your embodied joy and happiness are part of the healing and awakening of the Earth too.


The Aquarius lunation is midway between the last set of eclipses and the next, so we can think of the two weeks (that we're in now) between the New Moon in Aquarius and the Full Moon in Leo as one's that are about releasing the backlog of unprocessed emotions (South Node transiting Scorpio). It may very well be a subcurrent – unless you've got a lot of fixed placements, which case it's probably painfully obvious to you that this has been the theme de jour for awhile now.

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PST):

06:59 am - Moon contra-parallel Saturn
07:18 am -
Moon 8° Taurus square Sun at 8° Taurus

The first quarter (or opening quarter) of any cycle entails the first challenge to the growth of the thing, or the first challenge encountered by that entity that has to figure out how to work that challenge.

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PST):

3:25 pm - Moon parallel Uranus

There are no classical aspects among traditional planets. You may be more open than you might otherwise expect to unusual ways of approaching things in the middle part of the day. Or, feel more volatile.

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PST):

5:43 pm - Moon at 13° Taurus trine Mercury to 13° Capricorn
7:36 pm -
Moon conjunct Uranus at 14° Taurus
10:56 pm -
Moon trine Hygeia

Saturn's Summary:

The Moon's trine to Mercury together with the conjunction the Uranus makes me think about the logistics necessary to prepare a space that is sustainable and reliably available for creative endeavors and energy to thrive and grow.

If you take the time to talk it out with a trusted someone, what type of genius solutions or approaches might you be able to get online.

Have a question for Bear? Want to connect with other astrologers and astrology enthusiasts?

As always, I hope these words find and serve you well.

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