A Few Thoughts on Mars Retrograde

A Few Thoughts on Mars Retrograde

On Mars Retrograde(s)

Generally, but especially now in Gemini.

On Mars Retrogrades

Mercury retrogrades are famous for their ‘re’ words: revise, review, revisit, retrace (your steps), remind yourself not forget to remember to…

What about Mars?

Well, I think Mars retrograde words are: rebuild, remove, renovate, retreat.

That is, if we’re limited to sticking with ‘re’ words. Me? I prefer ‘d’...

Uncle Roger says, "niece and nephew, don't be dirty."

…words, that is.

Words like: demolish, deflect, defend, destruct(ion).

Given Mars’s association with combat the most fitting words are likely defense and retreat. But if you’re regularly imploring “don’t hurt me bro,” as does Austin Coppock, then you might also consider the words demolish and rebuild. Since, hopefully, Mars has ensured you've got no need to retreat and no attacks to defend against.

Instead, again we hope, you're busy intentionally leaning in to the Mars retrograde with acts of sympathetic magic.

Dissecting the Details of Mars's Retrograde through Gemini

Mars will station direct on January the 10th, and will spend twenty-two days at 8° Gemini. Mars quickly begins regaining speed in February but doesn't reach full steam until well into Cancer in mid-April.

When Mars stations, it's like a car coming to a an abrupt stop.

A gif of a race car pulling into a pit stop
Like a pit stop!

(You know, come to think of it, 'refuel' is a good Mars retrograde word too.)

A couple of dates to keep in mind as your making meaning out of your Mars retrograde transit story:

September 4th Mars enters the pre-retrograde shadow
October 17th 3:05 pm Sun at 24° Libra trine Mars at 24° Gemini
October 30th 6:25 am Mars stationed retrograde at 25° Gemini
November 29th 12:30 pm Mercury at 19° Sagittarius opposes Mars retrograde at 19° Gemini
December 7th 9:41 pm Sun at 16° Sagittarius opposite Mars retrograde at 16° Gemini
December 29th 1:31 am Mercury (ruler of Mars in Gemini) stationed retrograde at 24° Capricorn
January 12th 12:56 pm Mars stations direct at 8° Gemini
January 18th 5:11 am Mercury stations direct at 8° Capricorn
January 29th 5:45 pm Sun 9°Aquarius trine Mars at 9° Gemini

Making it Personal

Depending on which, if any, of the main planets in this story are active for you as chronocrators you may find different dates standing out.

Look to the houses that relate to Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and the Sun in your chart. They could be related by rulership or residence. In Bear's schema of eco-relational descriptors we might think about whether a planet has a responsibility of stewardship or whether they are a key participant in that particular zone or niche of the chart.

Whichever linguistic framework you prefer, if you want to better understand your personal astrology of the Mars retrograde cycle the principal participants are Mars and Mercury, while Jupiter and the Sun play significant supporting roles.

If you'd like to add in more dates to the pattern consider the Moon's relationship to each of those planets in turn. Or other chronocrators that are active for you.

If you don't know how to do that, you can book a session with Bear below.

Questions for the Mars Retrograde / Station / Cycle

Now that we’re facing the final two weeks of Mars moving in reverse (together with the coming of the New Year) it’s a good time to consider:

  • What have you been tearing down over the last few months?
  • What can you (or do you hope to) rebuild by the end of March?
  • What kind of effort and tools will you need to get the job done?

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