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Skyvibe Serial 2023: Week #12

If the winds of change were blowing earlier this month, this week we've got some some gale force winds. Pluto changes signs once a generation, and the changing of Pluto's sign from Capricorn into Aquarius is baked into the foundation of the USA as an internationally recognized independent nation.
Skyvibe Serial 2023: Week #12

Skyvibe Serial #12

Forecast for the week of March 19th - 25th, 2023

Gale Force Winds

If the winds of change are a breeze that blows when the signs of the times are course correcting their direction, and that's what we experienced earlier this month, than this week we've got some some gale force winds.

Pluto changes signs once a generation, and the changing of Pluto's sign from Capricorn into Aquarius is baked into the foundation of the USA as an internationally recognized independent nation.

But it's not just the changing of Pluto's sign. It's the total sum of changes when we look back at March first from the end of the last complete week in March, and the end of the first quarter of the year.

The Good

The entry of the Sun in Aries marks the Equinox and and the middle part of the Sun's journey from the Tropic of Capricorn and the Southern signs northward toward the Tropic of Cancer and the Norther signs.

The Sun is exalted in Aries, and the change in the Sun's dignity has spillover effects (of the beneficial sort) for Mercury too.

Venus in Taurus is oh so happy – a nocturnal planet in their nocturnal sign. We also get to see the conjunction of the Moon in Taurus too. With the exaltation and domicile lords coming together just in time for their planetary night and day, respectively, there's some real delight to be had this week.

Even the New Moon in Aries – the first of two (the other being an eclipse!)

Now, the Moon in Taurus is finally free from the un-fun end of a Saturn square!

The Meh

Mercury in Aries benefits from the Sun's entry into the same sign, that's true. This ought to speed up communications and make the translation from thought to speech happen faster than we can keep up with.

Saturn in Pisces is in Their own decan in Pisces I. A decan that

The Oh Fuck Me*:

Mars in Cancer is a definite dignity downgrade. Or at least it is from the perspective that planets in their fall are severely debilitated (exile or depression or other names for this condition).

Increasingly though, your humble astrologer is convinced that planets in the sign of their fall are actually tasked with and responsible for tending to the qualities that are the traditional down-FALL of the sign – specifically because of their planetary skills/tools/instincts etc.

So in the case of Mars, think about the frank candor and directness of Mars as remedies for the perpetual sideways motion of the Crab. And the Mars's skill as a warrior as a counter for the soft sentimentality of Cancers.

A gif of actual footage of a real crab holding a knife in its pincers.
Mars in Cancer is still really defensive though.

*please note: "oh fuck me" is my way of subverting the normalization of conventional beauty standards; I'm not at all suggesting these outcomes are guaranteed, or that everyone is going to experience these undesirable manifestation. Rather, that in the RPG of life, these would be the chaotic evil playthrough of the same energies described by the good and the meh.

Week in (wal)Nut Shell

pardon the pun

Week in (wal)Nut Shell:

This is the beg change that everyone has been talking about for months, or at least the part of the tarot card where the Fool tips over the precipice beyond the point of no return.

Earlier in March Saturn left home territory and entered Pisces. This week it's Pluto entering Aquarius for the first time since Pluto was discovered (back in Cancer). Considering it's 0° Aquarius that was the degree of the last Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, it's sure to be an informative preview over the few months that Pluto spends in Aquarius before dipping back into Capricorn for one last repeat of the USA's Pluto return (oh joy).

In English though? The sweet sting of nostalgia echoes the bittersweet feeling of realizing that the time has come to pay for the indulgences and inactions of the past. On the mundane level we see a familiar combination of mutable Saturn + Neptune together with fixed Nodes and Pluto that seem to have a high correspondence with the expansion of economic and military woes.

Sunday: melancholy mood
Monday: Astrology Day!
Tuesday: Aries New Moon – Take One
radical transformation... eventually
Friday: delightful
Saturday: RELEASE!

Day by Day

Sunday the 19th

The Moon moves in Pisces today, returning to the scene of the previous New Moon. Reviewing the events of the past month's new and full Moons is worthwhile as these events are part of the early preview related to this years Aries Ingress chart (tomorrow), as well as the Saturn in Pisces transit which is in effect from 2023-2026 and the Pluto in Aquarius transit which we're previewing this year and beginning in earnest in 2024.

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PDT):

03:32 am - Moon at 27° Aquarius trine Mars at 27° Gemini

While most of North America will be sleeping during this transit, this a point at which we should be well and truly feeling the shifting of the malefics. The Moon in the third decan of Aquarius gets to experience their decan without Saturn peering over Their shoulder.

And that trine to Mars? First time we've got an aspect to Mars in new territory since the retrograde in October.

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PDT):

08:11 am - Moon enters Pisces
10:27 am - Moon conjunct Saturn at 1° Saturn
1:54 pm - Moon at 3° Pisces sextile Venus at 3° Taurus
3:01 pm - Mercury parallel Neptune

The last time the Moon entered Pisces They were escaping Saturn over there in Aquarius just ahead of the Pisces New Moon. This time they head directly into Saturn's watery decan, and death-grip.

You can safely expect a heaping dose of nostalgia. Which can be cute if you're simply re-listening to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. But it's important to bear in mind that nostalgia is a type of painful memory. Something that has just as much bitterness as sweets. Which, like melancholy itself (Saturn's wheelhouse) can actually be bad for you in unmitigated doses and frequency.

That said, after the bittersweet memories comes a little generosity between the Moon in the exaltation of Venus (Pisces) and Venus at home in the exaltation of the Moon (Taurus).

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PDT):

There are no classical aspects among traditional planets.

The Sun Surmises:

Just like with Saturn in Aquarius presenting us with an opportunity to create solid foundations but only if we were able to navigate the heaviness and bring patient forbearance to... bear – well, we've got a similar set up here today with a chance to surface something of the images behind the powerful emotions locked up in all that nostalgia.

Of course, it's more likely if Venus, Saturn, or the Moon are activated as chronocrators of some sort for you, and you're already some kind of creative or artist.

Whether you're "a creative" or not, today's a good day to spend a bit of time letting one's mind wonder to see where the emotions lead. Might be some important information hanging out in those memories. They'll likely demand you pay the admission price if you want to access them – time, quiet presence, and releasing expectation and the need for them to "make sense".

Monday the 20th

Image of a white cat reared up on hind legs with front paws extended so it looks like it's trying to grab or is praising the Sun.
Cats can be Solar creatures too.

Today brings the Aries Equinox and for one of two days everyone in the whole world can agree about how many hours of day and night there are.

If you've heard about the decan walk and wanted to participate in one, this is the today to begin.

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PDT):

06:50 am - Mercury parallel Jupiter

Not a ray-based aspect, but a potential for making some meaning out of whatever emotional memories you recovered yesterday.

Did you remember to put out a dream journal last night?

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PDT):

10:02 am - Venus contra-parallel Uranus
10:33 am - Moon at 16° Pisces sextile Uranus at 16° Taurus
1:12 pm - Sun at 29° Pisces sextile Pluto at 29° Capricorn
2:24 pm - Sun enters Aries

From the perspective of tropical astrology, we've reached the reset point. The length of the day and night becomes equal once more and this time with the Sun migrating northward (this is true for both the polar bear and penguin hemispheres).

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PDT):

There are no classical aspects among traditional planets.

Monday's More or Less:

Today marks the renewal of the Sun, as the day and nights become equal and the Sun crosses the equator and moves northward toward the Tropic of Capricorn.

Tuesday the 21st

Tuesday takes an already intense month, and begins to make the case for this being a the most spectacular of the weeks of this month. And potentially of 2023.

On the heels of the Sun's Aries ingress we've got the Aries New Moon, and then a conjunction of that freshly waxing Moon with fiery Mercury in Aries. Suddenly we've got quite the Aries stellium, this time free the caution and delays of Saturn's gaze.

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PDT):

01:19 am - Moon conjunct Neptune at 25° Pisces
01:51 am - Venus parallel Hygiea
05:54 am - Moon at 28° Pisces square Mars at 28° Gemini

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PDT):

08:57 am - Moon at 29° Pisces sextile Pluto at 29° Capricorn
09:01 am - the Moon enters Aries
10:22 am - Aries New Moon at 00°49'

This New Moon in Aries is the first of two that we'll experience in 2023. And it's the last of the non-eclipse Aries lunations that we'll experience until after the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in 2026.

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PDT):

6:33 pm - Moon conjunct Mercury at 5° Aries
7:19 pm - Moon at 6° Aries sextile asteroid Hygeia
7:54 pm - Venus at 6° Taurus square asteroid Hygeia
8:23 pm - Moon parallel Pluto

The only traditional aspect made during the latter portion of the day is the Moon's conjunction to Mercury. This is the first aspect that the Moon's makes after the conjunction with the Sun emphasizing communication, thought, planning, and mental strategy. With Mercury in Aries the tongue flies fast – faster something than though, posing a problem if we're inclined to fall prey to bombast and over-confidence, or worse: stretching the truth.

Those are the kinds of things we may find ourselves having to walk back if we're not diligent with the "weapon of language".

Tuesday's TL;DR:

This Aries New Moon is the first of two that we'll experience before the Sun heads into Taurus and we're forced to say goodbye to Jupiter in Aries. With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter all in Aries there's a lot of itchy hair trigger tempers, hasty actions, and a good deal of volatility in the air.

None of which is inherently bad. Even it is a little hot to handle.

Too hot

Wednesday the 22nd

The only classical ray-based aspect today is the Moon's conjunction to Jupiter. Calling this one for a bit of unearned confidence and unwarranted over-indulgence. Taking on a celebratory air when there's not actually cause for celebration.

But maybe that's actually okay. Maybe we need to celebrate a little just to remember we how? Laughter is its own type of essential medicine. Just, take the kind of precautions that Saturn would want you too, if they could see what you were doing.

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PDT):

00:55 am - Mercury at 6° Aries sextile asteroid Hygeia at 6° Aquarius
01:00 am - Moon contra-parallel Mars

Technically there are no classical aspects happening in the middle of the night when most of y'all are likely to asleep anyhow.

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PDT):

12:36 pm - Moon contra-parallel Chiron
1:16 pm - Moon conjunct Jupiter at 16° Aries

The Moon's conjunction to Jupiter in Aries ought to be delightful. Potentially a little over-indulgent, especially without Saturn in sight to help us into restraint and resisting temptation.

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PDT):

5:10 pm - Moon conjunct asteroid Hygeia at 19° Aries
5:58 pm - Moon parallel Saturn
8:42 pm - Moon parallel Neptune
10:28 pm - Moon parallel Jupiter

Technically no sight based rays happening here, but the Moon is parallel to quite a few planets, which out to bring some level of being able to access, or noticing some level of influence of Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter in the evening.

Wednesday's Word:

Joy, happiness, for the fuck of it – I mean, sake of it. Just to see what happens and have a few laughs is a good enough reason to do a thing.

It's just important to bear in mind that heading off unprepared on a road trip without checking the weather first might mean driving headlong into a winter storm in your summer shoes and without a coat, and then having to stay 30% longer than intended on your trip and having to buy clothes you could have just brought with you if only you'd exercised a little common sense and looked at the weather before you left.

A black pickup truck sliding around a corner in the snow. (Not your astrologer.)
Safety first, always.

(I can't and won't say if this is something that actually happened to someone...)

Then again, in this totally hypothetical scenario, had you looked at the weather you might have cancelled your trip and missed out on a really important opportunity in a bid for prudence that would have been warranted but unnecessary precaution after all was said and done.

Which is a long and hopefully funny way of both showing and telling you about Wednesday's words of wisdom: it's important to live a little. ...and to check our most fecklessly reckless impulses if we want to live a little bit longer too.

Thursday the 23rd

Pluto's entry in Aquarius is something that will take at least 20 years to have something even approaching a "complete" narrative or understanding of what it will have been all about.

That said, we can take a look at that the last time that Pluto entered Aquarius and have a decent idea about the type of things we might expect. Including it taking a long time for this transit to unfold. As it is, we're just getting a preview for a few months this year. Still, we'll get the first square of the Moon in Taurus to Pluto in Aquarius – something that's going to color the exalted Moon's for a very large portion of the lives of those of you reading this.

Given all that, it's a good day to recommit to keeping a journal or some other record of things that are happening

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PDT):

05:14 am - Pluto enters Aquarius
07:08 am -
Moon parallel Mercury

Pluto's entry in Aquarius is huge. Literally nobody alive has witnessed it before, and the last folks to live through it didn't know it was happening. More will be said about this later. ...and for the next 20 years, so no need to rush in with predictions here.

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PDT):

09:42 am - Moon contra-parallel Venus
10:12 am - Moon at 29° Aries sextile Mars at 29° Gemini
11:35 am - Moon contra-parallel asteroid Hygeia
11:41 am - Moon enters Taurus
11:42 am - Moon at 0° Taurus square Pluto at 0° Aquarius
12:54 pm - Moon parallel Uranus
2:56 pm - Moon at 1° Taurus sextile Saturn at 1° Pisces

The middle of the day has three aspects to really pay attention to: the final aspect between the Moon and Mars wrapping up Their eternal transit through Gemini, the Moon's first aspect to Pluto after the ingress into Aquarius, and then the sextile the Saturn in Pisces.

This is might feel like the moment of potential energy turning kinetic, or the desperate wish that it would. Maybe depending a bit on how much say or influence you have over when you initiate things (slower if you've got an employer, faster if you're a solopreneur and have a chart sensitive/activated by these transits).

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PDT):

7:07 pm - Moon parallel Sun
10:21 pm - Mercury contra-parallel Venus
11:53 pm - Moon at 6° Taurus square asteroid Hygeia at 6° Aquarius

There are no classical aspects among traditional planets.

Just Jot this for Jupiter's Day:

It's always worth bearing in mind that the intensity of the day's transits, and given on in particular is going to depend not just on your natal chart (is there a tight and direct transiting aspect? is it axial or 'soft'? etc.).

But it's also going to depend on whether or not any of the planets in the sky, and to a lesser extent in your natal chart, are activated at the moment. That's something determined by any number of timing techniques, or their overlapping.

Friday the 24th

This is a delightful little Friday. The Moon's conjunction to Venus is well separated from the sextile with Saturn and is free from the sights of Mars.

Given the potential over-indulgences earlier in the week, and the fact that both the Moon and Venus share in the earthy triplicity, in addition to their other dignity in Taurus. The earthy triplicity is one whose energy is "downward trending" indicating the tendency for more internal, receptive, and reflective processes.

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PDT):

01:22 am - Moon contra-parallel Uranus
02:53 am - Moon parallel asteroid Hygeia
03:30 am - Moon conjunct Venus at °9 Taurus
04:53 am - Moon contra-parallel Mercury
05:33 am - Moon parallel Venus

The only ray-based aspect here is the bodily conjunction of the Moon and Venus in Taurus to be free from a domiciled Saturn weighing in on the matter.

  • June of 2017 was the last time the Moon and Venus met up in Taurus without Saturn adding weighty pressure to the matter.
  • From 2018 - 2020 Saturn was in Capricorn, working synergistically with Uranus early in their seven-year-long stay in Taurus.
  • Then, from 2020 until just last week Saturn was in Aquarius, happier even than in Capricorn, but this time placing mighty obstacles and barriers between us and the desire/need for revolutionary adaptation and evolutionary change.

If Venus is activated as a timelord of some sort for you (particularly as a long-time distributor) then you might notice a discernable shift in the Venusian sphere. Otherwise expect some high-definition somatic sensory awareness.

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PDT):

2:18 pm - Mercury contra-parallel asteroid Hygeia

There are no classical aspects among traditional planets.

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PDT):

4:15 pm - Moon contra-parallel Jupiter
4:51 pm - Moon conjunct Uranus at 16° Taurus
6:11 pm - Moon contra-parallel Neptune
9:09 pm - Moon contra-parallel Saturn

The conjunction of the Moon and Uranus is the only ray-based aspect that we get and the first we've had in a few years that isn't also part of the Saturn/Uranus square.

What happens when there's less restraint but just as much of an urge for total change?

Venus Votes:

The most successful strategies for adaptation have long since been honed by Nature. Today presents us with two conjunctions: one to Venus and the other to Uranus. This seems like an invitation to look to nature for models we can relate to our own lives in a way that's a little less environmental bio 101 and a bit more Emergent Strategy.

Saturday the 25th

The end of the last full week in March is no mere afterthought. After a month full of rather dramatic astrology, Mars finally leaves Gemini. This will make for some interesting sign ingresses for the Moon – where each sign change will bring a brief malefic enclosure. At least in the nocturnal signs, for awhile.

Early AM (midnight - 08:00, PDT):

01:53 am - Mercury parallel Uranus
02:43 am - Moon parallel Chiron
04:45 am - Mars enters Cancer
09:18 am -
Moon at 25° Taurus sextile Neptune at 25° Pisces

At long last, Mars is finally fucking leaving Gemini behind. The end blessed end of the way too long a dance with Neptune's obfuscations over in the wide world web of Pisces. The other aspect that ushers us out of dream and into the waking world (Americas edition) is the the sextile between the Moon and Neptune.

Mars doesn't have no dignity in Cancer. In fact, in the first 7 degrees of the sign, Mars has both term and triplicity.

Midday (08:00 - 16:00, PDT):

2:35 pm - Moon parallel Mars

There are no classical aspects among traditional planets.

Late PM (16:00 - midnight, PDT):

5:41 pm - Moon enters Gemini
5:46 pm - Moon at 0° trine Pluto at 0° Aquarius
8:48 pm - Moon contra-parallel Pluto
9:37 pm - Moon at 2° Gemini square Saturn 2° Pisces

This time the malefic other side to the Moon's Gemini transit is the square of Saturn in Pisces, now that Mars has finally moved into Cancer.

Saturn's Summary:

At this point, it ought to really feel like we in a really different place with the sky's vibe. Saturn in Pisces, Pluto in Aquarius (and in a different sign ever for some of y'all's adult lives). With Mars in Cancer lunar transits through the air signs take on an altogether different quality.

Honestly, while a Moon square to Saturn in a place where neither has much dignity really isn't the end of the world or even all that noticeable if those planets or places aren't activate. But if they are, particularly as mentioned above (in Friday's entry), then this may be a twist in your Venusian plot.

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