Jupiter Enters Aries

Jupiter with aurora visible in front of lightning. Text reads "fast as a strike of lightning jupiter enters aries".

Fast as a Strike of Lightning

Jupiter enters Aries

Jupiter enters Aries

Jupiter leaves their watery domicile of Pisces and enters the sign of Aries Tuesday December 20th, 2022 at 6:32 am PST.

Jupiter spends just only 5 1/2 months in the sign of Aries. Fast, furious, and relentless, the opportunities Jupiter presents in Aries require us to act without hesitation. Jupiter in Aries invites us to conquer our fears, vanquish our doubts, and to trust our instincts.

Scary, thrilling, powerful stuff.

We had a preview between May and October of 2022, though Jupiter only made it through the first eight degrees of the sign. So, in a sense, we've been playing through some variation of the Jupiter in Pisces storyline since May of 2021.

Looking Backwards to Look Forward

If you'd like to look backwards at what Jupiter in Pisces has been about, consider reading this post from the archives:

[archives:] Jupiter in Pisces and Achieving Flow State
Could I “conquer my fear of heights”? It turns out the answer to that last question is no. But what I’ve learned about fear, fright, danger, the nervous system, and the power of our thinking has been invaluable to my understanding of the world. And yes, to my astrological practice, too.

Read Jupiter in Pisces and Achieving Flow State in the archives.

By May 16th of 2023 we'll see Jupiter arrive in Taurus where they'll stay until the end of May 2024. There's a whole retrograde cycle in there, but there's plenty of other Juptier action before then.

A few highlights:

  • Jupiter moves through their own term (or bound) from Dec 20 - Jan 31st.
  • Jupiter squares the Solstice Sun and Capricorn New Moon on Dec. 22nd & 23rd
  • Mars (Jupiter's ruler while in Aries) stations direct January 10th
  • Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron come together March 1st & 2nd
  • Chiron, Vesta, Jupiter triple conjunction at 14° Aries March 12
  • the Sun joins Jupiter in Aries from March 21 through April 19th
  • Mercury/Jupiter conjunction at 18° Aries March 28th
  • Jupiter cazimi at 21° Aries April 11th

Jupiter and Mars never perfect an aspect while Jupiter is in Aries, suggesting that the things we begin during this window will be the quick first steps of processes that will take the duration of the Jupiter's time in Taurus to come into fuller being or existence.

Fast as a Strike of Lightning

Jupiter moves at its fastest speed in the sign of Aries. Jupiter spends, on average, a year in each sign, taking approximately 12 years to complete a circuit through the Zodiac. Though it dipped into the sign of Aries between May and October of 2022, only to turn retrograde, this time Jupiter will spend just 5 1/2 months in the sign of Aries finishing up what it began in summer.

If you've ever met a Jupiter in Aries person, you may have observed this in speed in action. Like a stroke of lightning – blink, and you'll miss 'em.

Once reasonably assured that growth and enjoyment are on the line a Jupiter in Aries person will suddenly and abruptly pursue a new thing with the intensity of a bolt of lightning. Their laughter while doing so may boom like thunder.

Confident, optimistic, and acting fast are things you can rely on when Jupiter is in this cardinal fire sign.

The Essential Dignity of Jupiter in Aries

During the course of Jupiter's stay in Aries Jupiter will be in the fiery diurnal domicile of lesser malefic Mars.

Jupiter does experiences two types of dignity in Aries.

The first is triplicity, which is an important form of dignity that has to do with support from friends and allies.

Jupiter is the nocturnal leader of the fiery triplicity which includes Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. If Mars owns the House of Aries, Jupiter's the best friend with the spare keys / the booking agent for the club with the all access backstage pass to the club.

The second is dignity by term, or bound. The bounds, or terms, are uneven distributions of within each sign – there are always five in each sign, but they vary in size, and in the sequence of rulers from sign to sign. The planet with dignity over a particular bound is said to 'set the terms' by which planets in the particular part of the sky operate.

Jupiter sets the terms for the first six degrees of Aries. So from 0°00' to 5°59' Aries, Jupiter may be in the House of Aries mindful of the disposition of Mars, the Thunderer also ensures that the things we initiate, catalyze, and instigate come from an optimistic, expansive, and lofty place.

Where's Your Lightning Rod?

Where will Jupiter in Aries light up your chart?

The part of your chart receiving Jupiter's lightning strikes will be prime territory for exploration, learning, growth, expansion, trying new things, adopting beginner's mind in first half of 2023.

The planet of luck brings opportunities to those who act posthaste.

A man holding a large stick outside during a thunderstorm. As the lightning strikes he lifts the stick in the sky looking like a wizard with a magical staff getting struck by lightning.
Harness that energy (but from a safe distance).

You may find an uncanny streak of beginner's luck with Jupiter's transit through Aries.

Find out which part of your life is poised for a burst of positive energy. Read on for a rising sign horoscope for Jupiter's transit through Aries.

Jupiter in Aries by Rising Sign

Jupiter in Aries for Aries Rising:

Jupiter will be transiting your first house bringing a jolt of energy directly to your body. While the heat and speed aren't inherently or exclusively positive (read: too hot and too fast is a recipe for a crash and burn), you change may be a welcome reprieve after a relatively quiet year plus.

You may find that the supportive role you play in others' lives take center stage for a time, or that your alliances have a moment in the spotlight.

Take advantage of the extra physical energy and health, or potential for it, by directing a bit of the windfall of energy toward actions that will benefit your health in the future.

Jupiter in Aries for Taurus Rising:

Jupiter will be transiting your twelfth house bringing an expansion to your desire for quiet, peace, sanctuary, and retreat. Whether by force or by choice solitude and rest are likely to be big themes over the first few months of the year.

If that seems like a bit of a bummer, remember: Jupiter will be in Taurus – your first house – for an entire year from May 16th, 2023 until May 25th, 2024.

Think of this as a refresher or a recharge before a big launch / opening night / game.

Jupiter in Aries for Gemini Rising:

Jupiter will be flying through your eleventh house brining an loftiness to your hopes and dreams.

How big can you dream? How expansive are your hopes for the future? Who are the people (partners of any sort) who are helping you with your actions out in the world right now?

Teachers and elders have a lot to show you right now, so if one shows up – listen. And if you been thinking about seeking one, now is the time. Have confidence in the community you're organizing with and what you have to contribute to the whole.

You'd be surprised at how much you can accomplish in just 5 months when you believe in the cause.

Jupiter in Aries for Cancer Rising:

Jupiter will be transiting your tenth house bringing stokes of luck and lightning strikes of opportunity to your career and your public-facing actions.

Whatever you've been learning for the 18 months is poised for a public debut. How can you leverage what you've learned in a way that can serve others? Do you feel called to teach or lead the way to a font of wisdom you found while Jupiter was in Pisces?

The stars are aligned to support you in spreading the good word, and doing good deed out there in the world.

What are you waiting for?

Jupiter in Aries for Leo Rising:

Jupiter in Aries is cruising through your ninth house bringing with it a drive to expand your mind and the horizons of what you know.

Throwing yourself behind an intensive course of study is astrology-approved right now – whether formal or self-directed.

What can you learn if you let curiosity lead? What's your history / experience with learning by doing? Experiment. Immerse yourself in whatever it is you aspire to get to know better. Travel in whatever ways are available to you.

Support may come through pleasant pastimes, and the folks you enjoy them with; or, through joint or shared resources (like a loan, the help of a partner, inheritance, or the energy shared by a collaborator and their mutual passion for your joint venture.

Jupiter in Aries for Virgo Rising:

Jupiter jams through your eighth house faster than you can organize a plan for harnessing the energy. If you want to capture the magic of lightning you'll just have to go with it and use your exquisite powers for discerning processes after the fact.

Your besties, bosses, baes, and boo(s) can help you with making the most of Jupiter's lickety-split quick transit through your eight. Look too toward your family, home, and connection to the land for assistance in grounding the energy and making sense of what's revealed by the lightning's light.

Jupiter in Aries for Libra Rising:

Jupiter comes to you through your seventh house of partnerships and one-on-one relationships. Support comes through siblings, your local community, and your daily rituals. You may also find an ally in service. That is to say that your relationship with acts of care – giving and receiving – may prove to be both instructive and healing in the months to come.

Whatever does arise with respect to routines, health, care, and service will serve as a window into a longer relationship with those topics that will unfold when Saturn enters that sign and house for you.

Jupiter in Aries for Scorpio Rising:

Jupiter sparks inspiration in your sixth house. The way that you tend to your health, and the health of your community benefits from an increase of optimism. The systematic and pragmatic ways you address repairing compromised health or preventing the deterioration of your health or the well being of your community. I'm using health as a catch all word for the wholeness, soundness, or integrity of ( fill in the blank here); hygiene might be another good word to consider for the 6th house.

You may find that you have a sudden urge to take a new approach to addressing a nagging health issue, perhaps returning to something you were attempting or experimenting with back in May through October. Energetic hygiene, whether psychic, practical (clutter), or temporal

What's possible when you intentionally cultivate a jovial and positive attitude toward caring for your body, your environment, your spiritual practice, energetic hygiene, etc.?

How can that shift make the very same action substantively different? Take drinking the optimal amount of water for instance. The un-jovial negative way might associate water with inadequacy or aversion to poor health, while the jovial and positive might associate water with refreshment and energy. Same motions, same amount of water, entirely different actions though.

Jupiter in Aries for Sagittarius Rising:

Jupiter, your chart ruler, expands what's in within your sights inside the horizons of your fifth house. Creativity, recreation, and acts of generation benefit from the fertile fecundity of Jupiter right now.

There's still an increase to the house of... multiplying (ahem) that you'll be experiencing until the middle of May. You can certainly direct that energy toward wining and dining, gambling, sports, gaming and other recreational pursuits instead.

Consider that the wining and gambling are both recreational pursuits that are not necessary in any way for health and happiness, yet which can be very negative for them when taken too far. Then again, in small doses they're perfectly fine. You've got a ripe opportunity to learn about maximizing enjoyment through moderating speed and magnitude.

You may find yourself playing a key role of support in creative projects, or with young people in the months ahead. Home life may also benefit from your creative touch. If you've been thinking about redecorating (even moving around what you already have counts!) dive in and see what happens when you trust your instincts.

Jupiter in Aries for Capricorn Rising:

Jupiter sets your home alight with a blaze of lightning revealing just what it is that makes your home a sanctuary, and just how deeply your roots run.

Family doesn't have to mean blood kin, though we all have those folks even if we don't know them (or choose not to any longer). You may experience an expansion of your home, or family in the coming months. Or, find that someone like an aunt or uncle offers/is available to teach you about your roots.

Learning where you've come from from now until May will set you up nicely to make the most of the growth Jupiter will bring to your creatively life throughout the rest of 2023 and well into 2024.

Jupiter in Aries for Aquarius Rising:

Jupiter will be moving through your third house of siblings, ritual, the goddess, and your immediate local environment.

You may find yourself busy as a bee through winter and early spring. Moving quickly, frequent errands, and flurries of short-distance travel may have your feeling like a logistics professional.

Lots of little rituals, post-it notes, and conversations with your siblings (from the same mother or another) bring wisdom, levity, perspective, and possibly light a little fire under your ass to get moving on putting your talents to a task and ambling toward your aims for the future.

Jupiter in Aries for Pisces Rising:

Jupiter will be transiting your second house bringing a potential windfall to your bank account, a growth of your resources. Jupiter is your chart ruler – remember that your talents & skills, knowledge, energy, time and fucks are all resources too.

This could look like the desire to accumulate new things too, coupled with a hair trigger impulsivity. Be sure that the things you gather during this time are able to benefit you now and in the long run – and that the money spent won't be missed when the gravy train departs the station.

Easy come easy go isn't a huge problem if your essentials are already accounted for. If they're not? Use this time to work with Jupiter to build the skills, confidence, competence, and talents that can help you to resource yourself.

We don't sell capitalist hero mythologies here, but there is such a thing as doing for self.

Figure out what's within your locus of control and call on Jupiter's lightning strikes of to help you expand the definition of what it looks like for your to be resources and thriving.

If you'd like a guided tour and orientation to Jupiter's personal lessons for you while in the sign of Aries, Jupiter's Lightning Strike sessions are available from now until January 31st, 2023.

We'll examine the key Jupiter themes, influences, and critical timing for making the most of Jupiter's fleeting transit through Aries.

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