Fortnightly Lunacy: Cancer Full Moon

Fortnightly Lunacy: Cancer Full Moon

Fortnightly Lunacy: Cancer Full Moon

January 6th, 2023 at 3:07 pm PST

On the Darkest and Brightest of Nights

What's a Fortnightly Lunacy?

Fortnightly Lunacy is a tapestry of words woven through the light of the new and full moons meant to transport you into the heart of the sub-lunar realm. To immerse you in poetic prose and lyrical storytelling that initiates you into the oracular sight of the nocturnal sect. To facilitate your tuning-in to your very own synchronicity frequency.

To help you see like Luna.

Balanced with just enough linear astral logic and celestial correlation for you to begin building your own relationship with our Fair Lamp of Night, and to immerse yourself in the secret language of the Giver of Good Grace.

Cancer Full Moon

Full Moon at 16° Cancer

Friday January 6th - 3:07 pm PST

Instead of writing a post about the Cancer Full Moon, I lived it – busy working in my home office, enjoying some blessedly benefic Moon time - free from the sight of the malefics.

I did, however, hop on an impromptu Instagram Live to talk about the Full Moon. I reposted the video on YouTube which you can watch or listen to here.

You can see the chart down below here if you like.

A Fortnight Since...

The Cancer Full Moon is part of the lunar cycle that began back on December 23rd with the Capricorn New Moon. You can read about it below.

Fortnightly Lunacy: Capricorn New Moon 2022
Fortnightly Lunacy is coming back from its long hibernation. Some of you may remember them from 2021. If you do, thank you for your patience. The new platform should allow for Fortnightlies to come closer to manifesting in reality the way they appear when gifted by the Muses.

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