Fortnightly Lunacy

Fortnightly Lunacy: Leo Full Moon

It seems like it's about some showdown or big reveal related to ego, authority, or me vs. we kind of thing... how we make stay flexible and adaptable so that we can be innovative and inventive enough to emerge on the other side of groundbreaking change to the material conditions we all face...

Making Something out of Nothing with the Aquarius New Moon

In a way this Aquarius New Moon is kind of like the graduation exit exam / celebration.

Fortnightly Lunacy: Cancer Full Moon

Instead of writing a post about the Cancer Full Moon, I lived it – busy working in my home office, enjoying some blessedly benefic Moon time - free from the sight of the malefics.

Fortnightly Lunacy 2022: Capricorn New Moon

Fortnightly Lunacy is coming back from its long hibernation. Some of you may remember them from 2021. If you do, thank you for your patience. The new platform should allow for Fortnightlies to come closer to manifesting in reality the way they appear when gifted by the Muses.