Betterthans & B-Sides

Betterthans & B-Sides are for making the best out of bad timing.

Betterthans & B-Sides: Week #12

As you might guess, the combination of the Sun in Aries and Venus in Taurus means that there are some good elections and quite a few b-sides to work with.

Betterthans & B-Sides 2023: Week #8

There's not a lot of great windows of supportive skyvibes this week, but there are two solid B-Sides. A lot of the Betterthans this week are pretty marginal, though should be very informative for those observing charts of the moment as part of their electional studies.

Betterthans & B-Sides 2023: Week #6

We start the week with a Full Moon in Leo, which means that the Moon will be waning. Elections now are best for finishing things, and less ideal for new beginnings. Returning to old things is also a potential, at least for this week - less so next.

Betterthans & B-Sides 2023: Week #5

In terms of elections, betterthans, and b-sides – a lot is going on! There's quite a few charts this week (dozens, in fact, if we count every time one of the benefics is on one of the angles). There are a few planetary and fixed star elections in here too.

Betterthans & B-Sides 2023: Week #4

The Moon waxes from New at 1°32' Aquarius (read about the Aquarius New Moon here) and grows in light up through the first quarter Moon at 8° Taurus on Saturday. With Mercury and Mars now retrograde Aries, Gemini, Virgo, and Scorpio are, theoretically at least, back on the table for rising signs.

Betterthans & B-Sides 2023: Week #3

If you've got excising and revising to do, then you'll probably find Wednesday's chart the most... consistent with those aims. Overall Wednesday's chart has the best combination of Moon placement, configuration, and whatnot. Though anything that can wait until better astroweather really should.

Betterthans & B-Sides 2023: Week # 2

The Moon moves through Leo, Virgo, and Libra. Venus shifts out of the first decan of Aquarius where Ze* is in their own decan. Saturn spend the week tightening the conjunction with the PED of Deneb Algedi.

Betterthans & B-Sides 2023: Week #1

At long last, it's here! This is the inaugural issue of Bear's Betterthans & B-Sides... 'sub'-lectional report(???). For those of you who signed up for this newsletter, thanks for your patience! Bear's been talking about this "b-sides" elections idea since the spring of 2021.