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The Fundamental Structure of the Chart

The Fundamental Structure of the Houses in Astrology

The houses are, arguably, the most important part of horoscopic and predictive astrology. Without the houses, we have no topical assignments or significations. Without the houses, the planets have no areas of responsibility, no distribution of their resources and skills. Or at least, we as astrologers don't have a schematic and systematized way to apply the underlying rationale broadly.

When we talk about the planets ruling a particular sign, we're talking about essential dignity. When we talk about what that means played out in the life of any particular person, we're applying an analysis of the houses.

The houses are truly an enormous topic. From the basic meanings of each of the twelve, to the additional (and incredibly important, tbh) meanings that are revealed from exploring the derived houses... that's already at least 144 different articles. Then there's the different house systems – Bear uses BOTH whole sign and quadrant houses every time he looks at a chart, fyi.

It's a lot to cover and a topic of consistent controversy since very early in the tradition (as in more than 1,000 years ago at least, this isn't a colonial or internet-induced phenomena).

Hence Bear dragging his... paws, about building out this section of the website.

As of late-February 2023 this page is mostly a place holder, so that the skeleton of the website can continue to develop.

For now, you can read a few of Bear's thoughts about houses in this article published by Co-Star by clicking this link.

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