Learn About: The Planets

The Actors, Doers, Movers, and Shakers of the Chart

The Planets in Astrology

The planets, in astrology, are the actors of the story told by a chart – whether that chart belongs to a person, place, thing, idea, or endeavor.

The planets show us how a thing is being done and who it's being done by. The houses tell us what stage or setting the actor is in or on, or what their sphere of influence is. The signs are the inflection of the actors lines, and the colors of the gels in the lights at the theatre. And that's just the drama geek version of the metaphor.

You can also think about the planets as the doers. The subject of the sentence. The planets are the movers and shakers in astrology.

Get to know the Planets

The best way to understand the planets is to build a direct relationship with them.

With the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and Mars you can do this through direct experience with a little bit of applied attention and time – anywhere from a single lunar cycle to a couple of years. But Jupiter and Saturn take 12 and approximately 29 years to complete their laps through the zodiac.

Learning a bit about what each of the planets represent can help with the process of building a relationship and common language with the wanderings stars of the night sky.

Learn about the Astrology of the Moon*

Bear's early work focused quite a lot on the Moon – you might remember his Fresh Voices in Astrology talk The Moon as the Roots of Self-Empowerment.

Soon he'll be bringing back his monthly Get Your Moon On workshops. Be sure to sign up for Bear's newsletter to find out when registration opens.

Feel into the Sub-lunar Realm

The Moon has their very own page here on bearryver.com!

To learn more about the Moon, visit the page below.

Learn About the Moon in Astrology with Bear Ryver
Learn how the Moon brings things to completion.
Click here to learn about the Moon in astrology.

Learn about Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is the planet of translation, trespassing, and transgression.

Learn about Venus in Astrology

Venus is the planet of love, concord, and harmony.

Learn about the Astrology of the Sun*

The Sun is the planet of illumination, the animating force of life that comes from the spirit, and the planet that symbolizes the self.

Learn about the Astrology of Mars

Mars is the planet of separation, division, and blood shed. Learn why the malefic power of Mars are necessary for the balance and thriving of creation.

Learn about Mars in Astrology
Learn about the fiery red planet associated with drive.
Click here to learn about Mars in Astrology.

Learn about the Astrology of Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, fertility, and abundance. Learn about the greater benefic of astrology.

Learn about the Astrology of Saturn

Saturn is the planet of limits, boundaries, and firm foundations. To learn more about the ruler of time, structure, and longevity, visit the page below.

Learn About Saturn in Astrology
Planet of limits, boundaries, and firm foundations.
Click here to learn about Saturn in Astrology.

*On the Sun and Moon: they're not planets in astronomy and they aren't entirely planets in astrology either. In the traditional source material (the stuff written between 7th C. BCE up through the medieval Islamicate period around roughly 9th C. CE) the Sun and the Moon are specifically luminaries.

There are special techniques concerning the Sun and Moon in timing techniques like annual profections, just as there Sun and Moon alone have no terms or bounds.

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