Learn About: The Signs

The casters of vibe and setters of tone in astrology.

Learn about the Signs in Astrology

The signs bridge the distances between the observed celestial phenomena of astrology – the planets, the stars, eclipses, etc. – and the abstract set of symbolic correlations humans have ascribed / deduced / glimpsed.

Part observed stellar bodies, part human pattern recognition, part mathematical abstraction, the signs give the tones, the vibes, the colors, pallet, and the moods of astrology.

The Signs as Casters of Vibe

If we borrow from Shakespeare's "all the world's a stage" metaphor then the planets are the actors with their many parts, and the houses are the venue, setting, and stage where the actors play them out. The signs then are the lights, the costumes, the specific vibe the actors brings to that rendition of their part.

The Signs as Setters of Tone

Whether you think of tone as having to do with music, or with a palette of colors, the metaphor/analogy works.

Where the planets tell you what is happening, and the houses tell you where, it's the signs that give you the mood, ambiance, and overall flavor of... whatever it is that chart belongs to.

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The Signs of Astrology


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Solstice sign of the shrewd and sensual sea-goat.
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