Skyvibe Delay & Flash Sale

Minor tragedy in analog-land – my car got broken into last night. Hence, this post and an IG live instead of the regular Skyvibe being sent to your inbox.

It's still coming! Fortunately, I'd already recorded a podcast about this particular week back in November. It shouldn't take too long 'cause I even did some smart things like put together a template.

"I am the smartest man alive!" (Adam Sandler's character from Happy Gilmore)

Your boy is learning y'all!

If you want to know what's up with the skies asap, you can watch the replay of my live on IG.  Otherwise, look out for Skyvibes soon.

If you don't watch the replay you might want to know about the flash sale I'm running to get that car window fixed.

Flash Sale!

Since my car got smashed, and I'm gonna have to pay for that, I'm running a flash sale. Members, you get early access to discount codes!

If there are any sessions remaining tomorrow then I'll make the codes available to the public as well.

I'm selling six sessions at $66 bucks, and another six at $66 off.

Discount codes below.

Discount Codes

For a $66 session (1-hour sessions only), use code: SORATH.

*If you're a returning client and want to take advantage of the wider availability on the Returns & Repeats calendar, this that's a-okay with me. You'll just need to email me for a different code to get the right price.

For $66 off any session type, use code: NACHIEL.

Tomorrow (Monday), I'll make the codes available if there are any sessions left.

If you don't want a session now but would like to help out you can:

a) tell your friends and fam to sign up for a membership (free or paid) to take advantage of the discount

b) consider gifting yourself or a loved one a gift certificate for a session in the future.

The gift certs I'm selling now will cover sessions even after my prices go up at the end of January. Beginning in January my gift certificates will be redeemable by value rather than product, so take advantage if you'd like to lock in my current rates for someone else.