Class Announcement: Intro to Astrology series

Class Announcement: Intro to Astrology series


Updates and Upcoming Class

Hey there star siblings!

Time Flies!

Today is June 10th, and this year has been flying by! As promised at the outset of the year, I've been so far behind the scenes I've completely left the theatre. My focus has been pretty tightly focused on writing books - from battling myths about productivity, to cultivating faith in the fruitful diversion.

Progress on the books is coming along nicely, and I've been learning just what kind of writer I am. (Apparently the kind who writes in 10-20K bursts, and who works on multiple manuscripts at the same time! A real testament to my sidereal chart...)

I remain wary about talking too much about chickens that have yet to hatch, but I can say that much of my time has been spent threading the needle that closes loose ends, and brings the circle into fullness. That is to say, "Cosmos & Psyche, but make it BIPOC" and the Intersectionality work that I began my professional career with are clamoring for time and attention. While the contracted project has taken unexpected and delightful turns.

Back in the... sphere Again!(??)

I'm certain about getting back into the previously established groove of things - but not certain about the song reference.

When I announced slipping into the shadows at the beginning of the year I anticipated that I'd be returning to more public facing work near the Solstice, and that I'd resume my usual availability come summertime. And, well... summer has come. And wouldn't you know it, my prediction was accurate!

1 - In-person Drop-in sessions at Radiance in Oly, WA

Some of you mean have seen over on the socials that I've recently begun offering drop-in readings at Olympia's finest magic shop: Radiance Herb and Massage. You can find me there most Thursdays, between 12 and 3 (or as last as closing time).

2 - July Class Series at Kindred Moon Apothecary (see below)

I'm very pleased to announce that I'll be teaching an in-person Intro to Astrology class series at Kindred Moon Apothecary (sister store to Radiance). Classes run from 5:30 - 7:30pm every Friday in July!

Read on below for details about the classes, and the link to register.

3 - Assisting My Teacher

I've picked up TA'ing for one of my teachers. Cool AF and surreal to boot. This means that my availability, while more open than it's been in the first half of the year, is going to be somewhat tight. So, I made it possible to book out a few months in advance,.

Fridays in July - Intro to Astrology class series

hosted by Kindred Moon Apothecary and Radiance Herb & Massage

Fridays, 5:30 - 7:30pm

July 5, 12, 19, and 26

Join us after-hours at Kindred Moon Apothecary for an intro to astrology class series with professional astrologer Bear Ryver. Created for absolute beginners, this class is designed to help you get the most out of your favorite apps, books, and podcasts! Each class is stand-alone. Take just one or enjoy a discount when you bundle them all. Classes are limited to 12 students max. Enroll early to reserve your seat. Walk-ins welcome if space is available.

 $40/class; $120 for the whole series*

*a small number of sliding-scale spots are available.

Week One – Sky Meets Earth

Learn all about astrology charts and how they depict the ways that Sky Meets Earth.

In this class professional astrologer Bear Ryver will lead students through a lively tour of that diagram that some call an astrology wheel. Bear will break down the ways that circular map relates to the sky, and the essential metaphors that will help you to navigate the celestial sphere. Learn to see the starry sky in that wheel on your screen (or printed our in front of you). We’ll even cover the square version of the chart that you’ll find in Medieval and Indian astrology tomes.

You’ll walk away looking at the heavens - and your chart - in a whole new light!

Week Two – Greet the Planets

You’re so much more than just your Sun sign!

Did you know you've got Mars, and the Moon looking out for you Saturn? Mercury and Saturn scheming up plots? And Venus wondering how to kick off hot you summer!?

Each planet marches to the beat of their own drummer, singing their own song. Inside you is a riot of radiance! Find out how each planet plays their part.

Come meet your planets!


Week Three - Open House(s)

If all the world’s a stage, and each of us (and the planets!) has learned our lines by heart. But all that action has to take place somewhere!

Enter: the houses.

Areas of life, stages of action, spheres of activity – the houses are where it all goes down. This is the part of astrology that's often trickiest for people to learn, so take advantage of the guidance of a seasoned professional to give you the royal tour.

We'll run a mad dash through twelve Open Houses to teach you the layout of your chart. 

Week Four - Signs of the Times

There may only be seven planets but they each come in 12 different styles! Find out what it means when your friend says, “that so [this sign] of you!”

Register for the Class

To register for just one, or all four of the classes use the big blue button below!

Not in the Olympia, WA area?

Have no fear!

While I plan on taking full advantage of the old-fashioned white board and dry erase markers for the in-person class, I'm happy to put together a digital version if there's enough interest.

Just drop a note under this post, or reply to the newsletter!