thoughts on the saturn uranus square

thoughts on the saturn uranus square

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this post was originally published via Patreon on May 6, 2021 at 10:06 am. it's being republished here in its original form.

Risking “tried and true” structures is necessary in order to remain in integrity with nature’s imperatives to growth and adaptability.

It’s easy to think that Saturn in Aquarius is only about ideological rigidity. certainly we’ve already seen the reifying of identitarianism and the re-entrenching of social norms (in the form of pushback against progress) since the ingress in December 2020.

But we can also think about about Saturn in Aquarius as integrity. As a commitment to a resolute vision. categorical imperatives vs. utilitarianism.

Saturn’s domicile & superior square to Uranus insists that we risk the comfort and “safety” of material security in order to remain or come into alignment with our “truest highest” values, interests, and principles.

Saturn and Uranus share little in common, no matter which rendering of myths you pull from. Think of the Norns (Saturn) as juxtaposed to Loki (Uranus). Raven stealing the Sun fits here too, as does Coyote with his penchant for unleashing life-sustaining knowledge and technologies which also forever change the ecological, social, or spiritual landscape.

What myths of material security comfort you?

In this age of late-stage capitalism and ecological apocalypse nearly every Way and Story we’ve been told of how to live, sadly, no longer holds true. The spirit (Uranus) of the Original Instructions (Saturn) requires reinvention and adaptation — as has always been the case.

What material comforts are you willing to risk, or give up entirely, in order to have a long-term future to look forward to?

Do you look forward to the future with curiosity? Does the anticipation of cataclysmic change feel like awaiting the gift of fire from the gods? Or the dread of twilight? Of being overcome and overthrown? Or being returned to an authentic relationship with nature?

And are you/we ready to accept that nature offers for our material needs but not the maintenance of the illusion of security?

Uranus in Taurus is Prometheus gifting fire to humans. Loki’s creation of the fishing net in which he was later ensnared. Ravens feathers being winged black by stealing and unleashing of the Sun.

Uranus in Taurus is about unleashing the inherent fecundity of the Earth.