Bear brings more than active listening, gentle encouragement, and fierce compassion to his consultations. He also brings a commitment to technical rigor, accuracy, and professional humility.

While Bear has earned several certifications and continues to pursue advanced training, he's happy to refer you to trusted colleagues if you're seeking techniques outside his area of practice.


Chris Brennan's Astrology School

Hellenistic Astrology

Bear initiated his studies of Hellenistic Astrology as a skeptic. Having spent his teens and early twenties studying "modern", psychological, and evolutionary astrology, he wanted to be able to make a case against such notions as "malefic" and "benefic" assignations of the planets.

Instead, he found so much value in the ancient source material he pursued a certification in Hellenistic Astrology through Chris Brennan's Astrology school with the support of a 2019 Study Stipend awarded by the Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN).

Electional Astrology

Thanks to AFAN's 2019 Study Stipend Bear was able to pursue certification in Electional Astrology in addition to Hellenistic.

Electional Astrology is the art of finding auspicious times for important ventures - deliberately initiating activities when the stars actually are aligned to support one's intended aim.

School of Traditional Astrology

Horary Astrology

Bear is a certified Horary Practitioner, having successfully completed his course of study with STA in the fall of 2019.

Horary Astrology is the art of answering questions with astrology. Unlike natal and electional astrology - which look to the chart that belongs to the moment a person, place, or thing came into being - horary astrology looks at the chart for the moment a question is posed to the astrologer. This branch of astrology is famous for 'finding lost things' but can do much more than that.


Beyond successfully completed courses through the Astrology School and the School of Traditional Astrology, Bear has studied with other teachers, and has taken courses in pursuit of certification through national and international organizations.


The Astrology School
School of Traditional Astrology
Kepler College
Astrology University


Chris Brennan -

Bear has successfully completed Chris's Hellenistic and Electional courses, earning certifications in both disciplines. Chris invited Bear onto The Astrology Podcast to talk about Intersectionality and Astrology, and features Bear as one of a small number of consultants who he endorses.

Kay Taylor -

Bear began working with Kay after meeting at OPA's 2018 I-Astrologer conference. Bear completed Kay's year-long Spirit Dance mentoring group in 2019.

Sonja Francis -

Bear studied with Sonja in 2017. Had it not been for her telling him to see about a last minute ticket to NORWAC in 2018, you would not be reading about him on this website right now.

Danny Picard -

Bear received his Usui Reiki I through III attunements from Danny Picard in 2013 & 2014.