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The Shrewd and Sensual Sea-Goat

Learn about the Sign of Capricorn

Symbolized by a sea-goat, Capricorn is shrewd and sensual sign. Know for their earthly ambition, dark humor, and protective nurturing, Capricorn people are known for the Saturnian qualities.

From technical delineations to the mythological, magical, and mystical origins of the sign, you find articles and links on that page that will help you understand the simmering intensity and subtle eroticism of the cardinal earth sign.

The Astronomical Considerations of Capricorn

Capricorn is the sign that marks the Sun's southern station. The winter solstice of the Northern Hemisphere, and Summer for the South, when the Sun enters Capricorn it stands still at its most southerly position.

Long associated with the sea-goat, the sign of Capricorn is ancient.

Rhetorius the Egyptian on the Sign of Capricorn

Rhetorius the Egyptian is one of the ancient compilers of ancient astrological source material. Writing some time in the 6th or 7th C. CE, Rhetorius is the reason that earlier works from writers like Hephaisto of Thebes survive today.

Here's what Rhetorius wrote of Capricorn:

"the tenth sign is Capricorn, feminine, nocturnal, tropical, slanting, wintery, living on both sea and land, rough-skinner, leprous, causing destruction, barren, descending, chilled, half-voiced, lewd, making riddles, of double form, very wet, agricultural, half-finished, hunchbacked, lame, brutal, mutilated, scaly, descendent of the Cosmos, domicile of Saturn, exaltation of Mars around 27 degress, fall of Jupiter around 15 degrees, detriment of the Moon, triplicity by day of Venus, and by night of the Moon, common Mars."

The Steward of Capricorn

Saturn as the Nighttime Steward of the Earth

Saturn as the Steward of Capricorn

Classically known as the ruler of Saturn, Bear's on a campaign to adopt the terms steward, biome and niche to describe the sphere of influence and the web of interrelatedness and responsibilities described in the chart.

But for the sake of clarity, we're talking about the ruler of the Capricorn, Saturn.

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Rhetorius the Egyptian: Astrological Compendium Containing His Explaination and Narration of The Whole Art of Astrology
- transl. James H. Holden, M.A. FAFA