Learn About: Mars in Astrology

The 'Mega-Mighty' Mobilizer of Motivation

Learn about Mars in Astrology

Learn about the fiery red planet associated with drive, ambition, and mobilizing our motivation into action. The planet of power – as in the ability to to exert influence – Mars is a hot-headed and strong ally to have in your corner if you're looking to move mountains or protect your boundaries.

The Lesser Malefic

Mars is known as the lesser malefic.

The Dignities of Mars

Ruler of Aries and Scorpio in traditional astrology, Mars is the only planet to lay claim to six decans. With triplicity in the watery and earthy triplicities, Mars is unique in having dignities which stand in stark contrast to to the temperaments associated with the hot and dry planet.

The 'Mega-Mighty' Mobilizer of Motivation

aka Mars

"Mega-mighty daimon" is the translation that Kristin Mathis (of Mysteria Mundi) provides as one of the epithets of the God of War in her translation of the Orphic Hymn to Ares. Her original translations are available through her Substack, and I cannot recommend them highly enough to those of you who are interested in Orphism.

The Temperament of Mars

Piss and Vinegar

Mars is a planet associated with war, battle, aggression, profanities, the vulgar, roughness, division, contention, strife, heat, fire, blades, cutting, knives... you get the idea.

Probably the only planet that wouldn't mind being called 'Ol' Piss and Vinegar'.

Mars has a dry nature. It separates and divides things. The influence of the red planet is corrupting (as opposed to generative). And it's hot. It scorches rather than soothes. Inflaming anger, contention, and discord.

Of course, hot is the only thing that can thaw the icy death-grip of Saturn. Or the cold calculating rationality of Mercury gone off. And when we're drowning in a deluge of destabilizing emotion, we need something dry.

They Call them Martial Arts for a Reason...

Mars is the planet of kicking ass and not even giving a shit about names.

At their very best, when acting like a steward (aka exalted in Capricorn) Mars is productive.

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Playlists for Mars

Playlists that Mars would like listening to. Or that are good for martial activities. Or, that are thematically related to Mars in some way: fire, blood, war...

All made by Bear and for listening to on planetary days.

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