back to BASICS

for grounded growth and embodied empowerment

Back to BASICS. Easy as ABC. Keep it simple, sweetheart. Words are powerful. The right ones give us the ability to change the world – both inside ourselves and in the world around us.

They do so by providing us clarity and focus.

A good astrology consultation, with the right astrologer for you, gives you the words you need right now. It should result in you walking away feeling empowered to embody yourself (or, your Self). To make decisions that are rooted in reality which facilitate the grounding and growth of your vision, values, purpose; of you hopes, goals, and dreams.

Embodied Empowerment.
Grounded Growth.

In his consultations, Bear helps his clients accomplish this by utilizing astrology to help lead them back to the BASICS.

He wrote about his inspiration for "back to BASICS" as part of the process for preparing for his appearance on the podcast Conjuring Up Courage. You can read that blog post here.

What started out as:


...has since blossomed into a half dozen or so versions that serve as 'design principles' Bear utilizes in preparing for client consultations.

What follows are a collection of some of the BASIC values astrology can lead you back to.

What does it look like to get back to BASICS for you?

Astrology used skillfully can help you answer that question and do it, too.

Beauty. Art. Storytelling. Innovation. Creativity. Skillfulness.

Three teenagers gathered around a piano. Bear, a light skinned man of color with blue curly hair and thick black-rimmed glasses stands playing a guitar. He is wearing a plaid print shirt, and a Belle & Sebestian t-shirt visible underneath. In front of Bear, Jordaan Mason sits at piano. Their face is obscured by their medium length black hair. Sitting beside Jordaan, Laura Jew sleeps with her head resting on the piano bench near Jordaan. The image is grainy - the texture of the matte print photograph in the image visible.
Yeah, that's a picture of an actual print photograph shot December 2003.

When are the best times for creating your art? Quiet reflection and stillness in preparation for the next big flood of inspiration, or visit from the muse? Who are your collaborators, audience, supporters; and how/when/where can you find them?

Astrology can help you get back to making an impact with your art.

Belonging. Authenticity. Solidarity. Intimacy. Community. Security.

Bear stokes a beach bonfire. The ocean sunset is visible in the background, a faint sliver crescent Moon visible above the ocean horizon. In the foreground a group of people stand gathered around the warm glow of a campfire. All faces are obscured in the evening dusk light.
Celebrating life with chosen family around an oceanside campfire.

Who are your people? Where will you find them? What makes you feel a sense of belonging? How do you get your need for security met? When are the most opportune times to look for collaborators and partners?

Astrology can help you get back to your community.

Balance. Adaptation. Stewardship. Interdependence. Cycles. Sustainability.

Astrology does a lot more than tell you about your personality. Your chart tells the story of who you belong to, and the ecosystem of relations you're embedded within.

How do you connect with the land? Where can you act locally while thinking globally? Will tending a backyard garden help you thrive? Astrology can help you orient toward your role in stewarding ecological and social restorative justice now and for the next seven generations.

Astrology can help you get back into relationship with the Earth.

Bear Ryver is a professional astrologer helping his clients hone strategies for grounded growth and embodied empowerment by bringing them back to the BASICS. Winner of OPA’s Most Promising Astrologer in 2018, Bear has lectured at conferences like NORWAC and ISAR. He holds certifications in Hellenistic, Electional, and Horary astrology, and specialized in Intersectional Astrology. He was a teacher for the Portland School of Astrology, and has volunteered as a mentor for AFAN. When he’s not talking stars, or pulling cards, you can find him climbing rocks and playing guitar.